Welcome to Revive & Refresh Skin Aesthetics Limited, a trusted skincare clinic right in the heart of Wigan. Here, we firmly believe in enhancing your natural beauty through tailored treatments.

Offering a variety of cosmetic services including; anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, Profhilo, skin peels, and medical-grade skincare, we help you rediscover the power of youthful, vibrant skin.

Why Choose Us

At Revive & Refresh, we offer more than just aesthetic treatments – we offer a partnership in your journey towards rejuvenation. Our beautiful clinic provides a clean and relaxing environment, creating a comfortable space for open communication about your specific needs.

Our clinic cherishes the uniqueness of each patient. We take time to fully understand your individual needs and wishes, providing treatments that best fit you. Rest assured that our relaxed environment and our unwavering dedication to your care mean we never rush a treatment.

As a clinic fully insured by Hamilton Fraser, we put your safety and satisfaction first. We prioritize understanding your desires, helping to ensure you get the best treatment for you.

Come join us at Revive & Refresh Skin Aesthetics Limited and start your journey to refresh and brighten your skin. We’re here to help you feel fresh, look younger, and rekindle your natural glow.