Dermal Lip Enhancement


Belotero Lips Shape and Belotero Lips Contour are part of the Belotero portfolio designed specifically for lip enhancement treatments.

Belotero Lips Shape is intended to be used for enhancing lip volume and plumpness. It contains a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid, enabling it to provide a noticeable, yet natural increase in lip volume. This is perfect for individuals wanting a fuller but natural look to their lips.

Belotero Lips Contour is designed to define and shape the lip borders or ‘vermillion borders’. It’s perfect for correcting the outline of your lips, improving the cupid’s bow, or smoothing out any lines around the mouth area, leading to a more youthful and well-defined lip shape.

Used in conjunction, Belotero Lips Shape and Contour provide a comprehensive lip treatment that can be tailored to your individual needs, allowing for beautiful, natural-looking results. Whether you’re looking for volume, definition, or both, these products can help you achieve your ideal lip appearance whilst keeping you looking natural.